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Photo Report from Taiwan

by Bruce Hedrick

Photos tell it all (for now) from Kaohsiung, Taiwan at the Taiwan International Boat Show. Click on any photo to enlarge.

The bridge of the Horizon CC80 Power Cat.
Looking back at the KECC and the In-The-Water part of the Show.
Leaving the Show for Sea Trials on a Horizon CC80 Power Cat
The 85 Sky-Tower towering over the KECC.
The NW Yachting drones are everywhere.
The Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Minister of Trade, Head of the Trade Association, and other dignitaries open the show by hoisting the sail.
They should do a ship model contest at every boat show.
The prize winning ROV's, remember they actually have to work.
More ROV's.
More ship models.
Something else that should be at every show, a yacht design competition.
Wild design stuff.
The new Amphicar.
Hybrid power yacht.
Check out the detail on this.
How about a tour of the Horizon RP110 given by the Group CEO of Horizon.
Yes, it's indoors and yes it's a Horizon RP110, yes that's a 110-foot. So cool.
Also on display indoors was the Horizon E88.
John Kung (left) introduces the new Monte Fino 45 power cat.
Chines are back on the new Corum 22.


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