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Podcasts and Apps for Every Boater

by Evin Moore

Podcast: Around the BuoyIn this new monthly column, you’ll find a featured podcast as well as a selection of helpful and entertaining apps. Enjoy!

Podcast: Around the Buoy

Northwest Yachting’s Digital Delivery heads to the East Coast this month to find the hosts of “Around the Buoy”, who interview mariners, sailors, cruisers, rowers, and adventurers from every corner of the boating world.

Based in Newport, Rhode Island, hosts Carter Richardson and Tyler Fields release monthly interviews with guests who share their stories about life on the water and how they’re making waves in boating. Some of the past guests include James Theiler, an ice boater who recently won the North American Ice Boating Championship; Natasha Lambert, a young sailor with cerebral palsy who has sailed most of the British Isles and plans to cross the Atlantic Ocean soon; and Med Chandler, a blacksmith who makes iron tools for wooden ships built the old- fashioned way.

While scrolling through the episodes of the Around the Buoy podcast, one is struck by the wide variety of topics and guest backgrounds. One episode features a pilot with National Oceanic Atmospheric Association who hunts hurricanes for a living, and in the next podcast, Richardson and Fields interview a crew of military veterans rowing in the longest crew race on Earth to raise funds for returning veterans.

Host Carter Richardson is a professional boatwright and former Navy officer, and co-host Tyler Fields is a professional photographer and Oregon native who found success photographing the classic wooden
boats of New England. Visit aroundthebuoy.com to listen to a podcast that offers a little something for everyone.

Cooking App: Paprika

App: PaprikaMoving on to the galley, we bring you “Paprika,” a recipe managing app. Preparing for a long cruise or even just a day trip on the boat involves a lot of moving parts, and making sure your galley is fully stocked is one of them. The “Paprika” app pulls double duty as both a hub for your recipes and as an interactive grocery list.

The app downloads and collects recipes from your favorite cooking websites. It can also download from other cooking apps like “MacGourmet”, “MasterCook”, and “Living Cookbook.” You can create a pantry list of what ingredients you have and in what amounts. Using the ingredient lists from your recipes, the app can create smart shopping lists comparing what you have in the pantry section to what is needed for your recipes.

Other features of the app include automatic scaling, which adjust ingredient ratios based on how many people you are cooking for; a meal planner with a calendar, and the ability to export your recipes and grocery lists to your other devices. The “Paprika” app is a nice addition for chefs who are planning an extended trip, and is available for $4.99 on the iPhone and free with in-app purchases for Android devices.

Camping App: Coleman Get Outdoors

App: Coleman Get OutdoorsThis may be a good time of the year to head outdoors after being cooped up for months. If you’re heading outside to do some serious camping for the first time or just want a night onshore during an extended cruise, the “Get Outdoors” app from Coleman might be just what you need.

This app has all the basics of camping covered. Choose from the app’s database of campsites to discover the perfect one. Find tips on how to set up camp, start a fire, keep critters away, and more. The app even recommends gear for your trip. On the day of your departure, you’ll receive a reminder, so you don’t forget any important gear. A selection of campfire friendly recipes are just a click away, as are ideas on how to keep young children entertained and involved in the camping process. “Get Outdoors” provides input from camping experts, who offer advice and gear recommendations. The app is free for iOS. Download it now if you’d like to have a little more camping knowledge in your back pocket.

Fishing App: Fishing Points

App: Fishing PointsIf you do head outdoors this month, why not do a little fishing while you’re at it? You can use your new camping skills to cook up a seafood meal for the whole crew. The “Fishing Points” app might help you reel in dinner by putting tons of useful information right into your pocket. Before you head out, check the app for weather conditions, tide information, and solunar activity.

The app functions online or offline and works with any kind of fishing, whether you find yourself on a lake, river, or the open ocean. A daily fish activity forecast and expected feeding times are available. If you hit a spot you like, “Fishing Points” will save coordinates of the location and even the trotlines and trolling paths you took. Use the fishing log to record your catch, share trophy photos, and favorite locations with friends. The “Fishing Points” app is available for iOS and Android for free with some in-app purchases.

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