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by NWY Staff

BeerDroidEvery beer aficionado has considered brewing their own beer from time to time, but the complicated set-ups, research, and ingredient hunting can turn a fun idea into a real headache. Or maybe you’re someone who has already gotten started with home brewing, but just can’t find the time for all the temperature monitoring and equipment cleaning. In either case, the people over at Cooper’s Brewery can help you out with their BrewArt products, which includes their automated personal brewer, the BeerDroid. The BeerDroid brews 10 liters (2.6 gallons) of the beer of your choice in a temperature-controlled chamber. The droid takes advantage of patented EOF (end of fermentation) technology that alerts you when your beer has reached optimal fermentation. When your batch of beer is complete, empty it into the smaller 5-liter storage tanks and keep it secure until it’s time to serve.

The brew machine can be controlled and monitored remotely after you’ve downloaded the app. Check in on your brew any time of day to make sure it’s at the optimal temperature and receive notifications at every milestone in fermentation. The brew droid makes beer using BrewArt’s line of pre-packaged ingredients called BrewPrints. The BrewPrints are based off some of the most popular beers out there and come with elements, enhancers, hops, and yeast. The instructions on timing and temperature are downloaded right to the droid; just add the ingredients and stand back. If you’re someone who likes to blaze their own trail, mix and match the BrewPrints ingredients and enhancers to make your own unique flavors. You can even head down to the local brewing supply store and get your own ingredients. If you’d like to dip your toes into home brewing, check out the BeerDroid at BrewArt. Units start at $499.

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