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Pokémon at sea?

by Norris Comer

Pokemon Go!Love it or hate it, the Pokémon GO game, with its 21 million daily users, is here to stay. Pokémon GO, which is considered the most successful mobile game ever in the USA, casts the player in the role of Pokémon trainer who wanders the world in real time and encounters various types of fictional animals called Pokémon to catch. To catch them all is the trainer’s quest, and to train them is his or her cause.

While wildly popular, Pokémon GO can fully occupy the attention of the player, and unfortunately distracted aspiring Poké Masters have gotten into trouble. A Forest Grove, Oregon man, who was out catching Pokémon in the wee hours of the morning, claims he was stabbed by a stranger while distracted on his Pokémon quest. Pokémon GO-related car accidents have even been reported across the country in places like Auburn, Texas. The boating world needs to adapt to this new Poké-World, and BoatUS has released tips for how to catch Pokémon responsibly on the water. Being aware is key, and it is unwise to man the helm while simultaneously pursuing a rare water type Pokémon. Although some may disagree, a Dewgong is not worth a shipwreck. Additionally, many boaters use their smartphones as a navigational tool for daytrips, and one should really prioritize access to charts over ”leveling up.”

But most importantly, BoatUS just wants everyone to have a great time, which is what boating and Pokémon are really about in the end. The BoatUS National Headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia is home to a Pokémon Gym next to the iconic BoatUS Buoy at 880 S. Pickett Street. Allegedly, the Team Instinct BoatUS employees are out battling at lunch breaks and after hours. Maybe defeating them in a Pokébattle will earn you free boat insurance? Probably not, but there is only one way to find out.

Think you’re the best Poké Master on the high seas? Send us your Pokémon GO boating pic at norris@nwyachting.com for a chance to appear on one of our online postings!

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