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Poulsbo Party February 6-8

by Kurt Hoehne

Maybe it’s our weather. Maybe it’s something in the water. For whatever reason, the Pacific Northwest has a great culture of gathering. The Northwest Native American potlatch gatherings were epic and integral those cultures. Boaters here love to rendezvous, whether it’s a modest club gathering of two or three boats or epic manufacturer-sponsored galas of 100 boats.

But when Chip “The Boat Guy” Hanauer put together last February’s Winter Rendezvous in Poulsbo, he found a new chord for a familiar tune. The fun was epic. We at nwyachting.com watched from a distance, longing to wear Viking helmets and romp in the snow. Chip’s humor and attitude pervaded the event and the tremendous effort of the people of Poulsbo made it all work. One of the biggest draws to the event was its appeal, and welcome, to everyone. Big boats, small boats, sailboats and power boats were all there. That’s what we at nwyachting.com love, getting boats of all types out there.

And this coming February we get to be part of it! Look to our Winter Rendezvous Part Deux page for all the details. There’s not much there yet, but there will be. Details are lining up by the hour, and when they’re nailed down it’ll all be on the Deux page. There are some very exciting things taking shape.

For those who were there last year, we’d love to hear from you. Send us your photos and anecdotes from last year, and we’ll post ’em.

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