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Winners Declared

Race to Alaska
Winners Declared

by Evin Moore

R2AK Team Angry Beaver

The results of the 2019 Race to Alaska are in and Team Angry Beaver ‒ Skiff Sailing Foundation have claimed their $10,000 first prize money and title of R2AK champions for the next year. The winning team is made up of Matt Pistay, Gavin Bracket, Brent Campbell, Alan Johnson, Mats Elf, and Simon Miles.

Their winning run was made in a 7,000-pound, 40-foot Schock 40, a performance monohull with a canting keel known to reach speeds of 27 knots. They crossed the finish line on June 10 at 1456 hours with a total time of 4 days, 3 hours, and 56 minutes.

Coming in second and claiming the infamously underwhelming set of steak knives was Team Pear Shaped Racing, who finished a little over two hours later even after hitting four logs during the race. They tackled the course in Dragon, a 34-foot Chris Cochrane custom trimaran.

“We worked so hard for the last 24 hours,” they said in a press release. “We went faster than 18 knots. We were sending it!”

The podium is rounded out by third place finisher Team Shut Up and Drive, who crossed the line on June 11 at 1219 hours in their 33-foot Beneteau Figaro 2. Congratulations to Team Angry Beaver ‒ Skiff Sailing Foundation and congratulations to all finishing teams. You can read their amazing stories online at R2AK.

Photo: Taylor Bayly/R2AK

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