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Hydro Kaddy

by NWY Staff
Hydro Kaddy

Hydro Kaddy

Most enjoy kayaks because of their small size, offering greater access to shallow water and narrow passages for exploration. However, that’s also their weakness. Space on a kayak is definitely at a premium. That’s where a product like the Hydro Kaddy steps in to create a little more elbow room. A floating, towable storage space for extra gear, the Hydro Kaddy is watertight and great for kayaking, canoeing, or fishing.

Keep your water-sensitive valuables dry by putting your phones, keys, wallets, medicine, camping supplies, and more in the Hydro Kaddy. Fill the caddy with ice to keep fish cold or place a flexible cooler lining inside to keep food and drinks the perfect temperature. Customizable options let you attach accessories like rod holders, GoPro camera mounts, visibility poles, and more. An adjustable strap secures the Hydro Kaddy to the watercraft and doubles as a shoulder strap; an optional RamMount accessory is available, if a more static connection is preferred.

Multiple caddies can be attached together for as much additional storage as you’d like. Caddies are available in eight colors, including red, yellow, orange, white, blue and three shades of green. With a 50-pound maximum load and a storage space of 2 cubic feet, the caddies are sure to fit any gear you can think of. If a little extra storage space would make all the difference the next time you’re out kayaking, check out the Hydro Kaddy on Kayak Kaddy. Caddies start at $199.

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