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“Seahawks Harbor Competition”, aka Eagle Harbor Predicted Log 2014

by NWY Staff

So what are all these sailboats doing out here anyway? About once every four or five years the International Powerboat Association (IPBA) and a sailing club out of Shilshole Bay schedule their respective annual competitions on the same day. Such was the case last Saturday, April 5. The sailors use Blakely Rocks as the windward mark while the predicted log competitors start in that general vicinity. This year the Eagle Harbor predicted log competition used Yeomalt Point as the start line. As the powerboats start in five-minute intervals there was a parade of boats leaving Eagle Harbor and running to the start line through the southbound sailors. Then the real challenge came as the power boaters commence their legs to the south with a control point at Blakely rocks. While there were 24 predicted log competitors it appeared that there were 100 sailing competitors. Outnumbered 4 to 1 the power boaters managed to avoid contact and for the most part complied with the rules of the road. One crew did manage to take three timeouts in the first 2 miles of the route.

Todd Prodzinski and Bill Grady receive first place trophy from Bob Lindal.
Team winners Bill Anderson, Bob Lindal, Ken Klett and Marv Elbon
Bill and Trish

This year’s Eagle Harbor competition sponsored by Queen City Yacht Club and Seattle Yacht Club was renamed Seahawks Harbor competition in honor of our Super Bowl winners. Using the Winslow outstation of Queen City Yacht Club as a base the course started at Yeomalt Point and proceeded southbound around Blakely Island. Leaving Blakely Island to starboard the course proceeded past Orchard Point into Rich Passage as far as Middle Point, then south about Beans Point and rounding Decatur Reef finished on the west side of Blakely Rocks. The ebb current was running throughout the competition and after several days of strong southerly winds, predicting the current of each leg was a significant challenge. A few competitors did much better than everyone else against these elements demonstrating their exceptional navigational skill. The theme for the awards dinner was Seahawks garb and the outfits ranged as wide as the scores.  The enclosed photo is an example of the Seahawks spirit on display.

Of the 24 boats only two scored less than 1% error. At the top of the list were Jim and Linda Anderson of Gig Harbor Yacht Club in “ Fidalgo” in third place with a score of 1.45% error. Bob Lindal and Jeff Ewell of Queen City Yacht Club in “Suzy Q” came second with a score of 0.60% error having been edged out by one second by Todd Prodzinski and Bill Grady of Seattle Yacht Club in “Zorro” with a score of 0.59% error.

Seven area yacht clubs were represented in the competition but only four had enough participants for a four boat team, Seattle Yacht Club, Meydenbauer Yacht Club, Queen City Yacht Club and Bremerton Yacht Club.  The Lindal, Padgett, Klett/Elbon, Anderson team of Queen City Yacht Club powered to victory to keep the team trophy at QCYC!

If you enjoy boating, predicted log competition might be the sport for you! Find out more at ipbalogracing.org or call me, Bill Anderson at 425-641-0317 I would be pleased to talk to about this great sport.


Bill Anderson, Past Commodore

International Powerboat Association

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