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Seattle Sailors Dominating Tasar Worlds

by Kurt Hoehne

The 2-person Tasar sailboat is enjoying a tremendous World Championship on the Columbia River. The boat is both high performance and user-friendly. Couples, friends and parent/child teams are all part of the Tasar mix. At the end of Wednesday’s racing, Seattle sailors owned five of the top six spots, and scores are tight. Racing continues through Saturday. Here’s a report from our friend and current leader Anthony Boscolo, who is sailing with Haley Lane. –KH

The 2013 Tasar World Championship at Cascade Locks is working out to be a great event.  The international class is made up of a great group of talented sailors.  The post sailing social  events have been a high point, lead off by the Ronstan 1/2 hour (a chance to relive the the funnier moments of the day, with gifts and gags presented by Ronstan CEO Alistair Murray, competitor and event sponsor).

tasar2 2

Photos by Mike Sayre-Smith.

On the water, the level of competition has made for some challenging racing conditions.  When you have 60 boats squeezed into the puffy and shifty gorge, there is a lot of place changing happening.  It seems like everyone has had their turn at being passed by a group 20 boats on the downwind legs.

–Anthony Boscolo

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