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Seattle’s 520 Drawspan Closes Forever – Tomorrow!

by Editor

We knew this day was coming. The SR520 (Evergreen Floating Bridge) drawspan will be closed tomorrow, February 17th. Access to Lake Washington to the south will still be available through the east and west spans. However, maximum clearance will be 58′ until spring next year. After that, clearance will be at 70′. Check here for current information.

\From the Washington Department of Transportation:

East navigation channel reopens

On the morning of Tuesday, Feb. 17, the east navigation channel will reopen with a temporarily reduced height clearance of 58 feet. Following the east navigation channel’s reopening, pontoons will be placed in their permanent locations which will obstruct the drawspan.520sched

The center drawspan closure and east navigation channel opening and information is also available on the SR 520 drawspan information page and was published in the U.S. Coast Guard’s Local Notice to Mariners on Feb. 11.

Construction activities continue near east navigation channel

Beginning the week of Feb. 17 and lasting until the weekend of Opening Day of Boating Season festivities, Thursday, April 30, the east navigation channel will be periodically blocked one to two times per week for critical construction activities. Blockages will last from approximately 4 a.m. to 10 a.m. During this time, marine vessels shorter than 45 feet tall can continue to navigate through the west navigation channel.

Temporary blockages will be posted on WSDOT’s drawspan information page and broadcast on the U.S. Coast Guard’s VHF 13. Boaters can also contact Dave Bowman with KGM at 360-300-7055 to find out the dates of each week’s planned blockages.

As a reminder, the east navigation channel will not be blocked during the following special event dates:

·         Opening Day of Boating Season weekend

·         Memorial Day weekend

·         Independence Day weekend

·         Seafair weekend

·         Labor Day weekend

We will continue to use this email list to provide you with the most up-to-date information regarding navigational changes around SR 520 on Lake Washington.

We thank you for your patience and flexibility during construction. Please let me know if you have questions.

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