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SUP Competitor’s Body Found on Columbia

by Editor

pomboWhile not surprisingly, it is very tragic news from the Gorge. Andres Damian Pombo’s body was found yesterday morning. He had gone missing last Friday. He was only 20 years old. This from SUP the Magazine:

After five days of search and rescue efforts following Pombo’s disappearance, at around 9am Wednesday, the Hood River County Sheriff’s Office reportedly spotted Pombo’s body near Swell City, across the Columbia River from Ruthton Point in Hood River. His body, which was spotted by the Sheriff’s Office search plane, was discovered floating in the middle of the massive river not far from where Pombo was believed to have gone under.

“It’s just a grim reminder of what can happen,” said Hood River County Sheriff Matt English. “We feel terrible for the family…it’s a tragic event. We’re just glad that we could help when they have a really hard time.”

Our hearts go out to his family, friends and competitors.

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