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Surfer Rescued and Recovering

by Kurt Hoehne

On November 9, high school teacher and surfer Andre Lorincz suffered serious injuries including three broken vertebrae surfing near Tillamook Head in Oregon. The video shows part of the US Coast Guard’s rescue effort lifting Lorincz to safety.

Lorincz had his vertebrae successfully fused and is anticipating a full recovery. Here’s an update straight from his Facebook page:

“An update right from the horses mouth. So one week post spinal fusion, Im doing better. I’m like a 98 yr old man,(serious granpa style) I can do everything just really slowly and not w/o a boatload of pain . Docs say 100 % recovery and thats my only goal. There are a lot of people out there in much , much worse shape that didn’t push it like I did, I feel for those people for “I myself AM good fortune” WW”

Tillamook County Pioneer article here.

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