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Swiftsure Weather Update and Photos

by Bruce Hedrick
Wild Rumpus re-rigged and ready to race again.
The seawall packed with buskers, artists, and tourists.
The obligatory person up the mast picture.
The mid-deck and fore deck crew on Tahlequah in the middle of a safety and strategy session.
The breeze was in, the crowds were in and everyone was having a great time.
Some crew looked a bit apprehensive
Skipper of Tahlequah, George Leighton (right) rigs the Class flag.
RVYC being smart and recruiting folks to learn to sail
Pat MaGarrity and crew of Dragonfly get ready for another first to finish on the Cape Flattery Race.
Nothing like a packed harbor before the grandaddy of them all.
Lots of volunteers doing a great job corralling those wild and crazy sailors.
HMCS Oriole always the favored boat on long course, especially if there's breeze.
Divers were ready to get bottom cleaned and ready to race.

As they predicted, the front passed and the ridge is building. If we look at the same two place this morning where barometric pressure is reported, Forks and Bellingham, the pressure is now 1019.3mb at Forks (and rising rapidly) while the pressure in Bellingham is 17.4mb. The windspeed at Sheringham is 22 knots while the windspeed at Race Rocks is 28 knots with higher gusts. The formula works.

The latest 1-1/3km forecast from MM5 confirms the earliest forecast. Might be 10 knots in the starting area and building to 15-20 knots as you approach Race Passage. After 1100 hrs look for the breeze to build to 20-25 knots from the Race to over 1/2 way out the Straits. Think about starting with the #1 in the port headstay groove so you change down to the #3 by hoisting on starboard as you heading off the beach, then tacking back to port and dropping the one.

This should be a good one, especially if you’ve prepared properly.

Kudo’s to the Swiftsure Committee especially Harbor Master Alex and his team who did a great job shoe-horning all the boats into the docks.

Good luck!

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