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Take Action Against New Sales, Moorage Taxes

by Kurt Hoehne

The letter, below, from Northwest Marine Trade Association (NMTA) President George Harris makes a critical call to action regarding new taxes in Washington Governor Jay Inslee’s proposed budget. The NMTA  has made it easy to voice your opinion, just click on the links! –KH

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We need your help! Governor Inslee recently released his budget plan and it includes significant tax increases that will harm boaters and boating businesses.

The Governor’s priorities could be devastating to our industry if the Legislature enacts them.

Here are the specifics:
1. The Governor wants to reduce the “trade-in allowance” for new and used boat purchases. Right now boat buyers pay sales tax only on the difference between the value of their trade-in and their new purchase. The Governor wants to cap the amount of tax-free dollars at $10,000.
2. The Governor wants to begin taxing marina tenants by charging sales tax on their slips. Currently boat owners are exempt from paying sales tax here, but his proposal would begin taxing long-term moorage (defined as moorage longer than 30 days).

New taxes on boaters and boating businesses would seriously undermine the “fragile recovery” that is occurring for our industry. The Governor needs to know that if boating becomes more expensive fewer people will boat which will mean less tax dollars from existing taxes for the State.
Please take a moment to become part of the conversation that is taking place now in Olympia. I encourage you to share your story with your senator and representatives. Our lobbyists are communicating with the legislators, but now more than ever they need to hear from you, back home, in their districts.

You can contact your legislators easily by clicking onhttps://www.votervoice.net/NMTA/Campaigns/31568/Respond

George Harris
Northwest Marine Trade Association

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