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by Norris Comer

Weems & Plath Instruments // $65.99 – $663.99

Weems & Plath InstrumentsThe nautical look brings certain old-world elegance to both yacht and home, and if you want high-quality clocks or weather instruments, you should give Weems & Plath a look. The array of timepieces offers classic brassy looks and more austere, darker designs. What’s really nifty about most of the models is the round design that allows you to effortlessly place the clocks on a wood mount above the fireplace or hang them on the bulkhead.

Weems & Plath has been around since 1928 and their products are nautical mainstays in the business. The company has a foot in two worlds, one in the old and the other in the new. Weems & Plath have a look for just about any palette.

Prices and designs of the clocks vary. The modern, Chrome Atlantis is a quartz clock with black color design and flag dial instead of numbers. The more classic Orion has the traditional brass and numbers, while the Atlantis Premiere has a bit of both worlds. Check out the selection for yourself at weems-plath.com. Prices vary from $65.99 to $663.99.

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