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TrawlerFest Comes to Seattle!

by Eva Seelye

Bell HarborThe annual TrawlerFest returns to our Pacific Northwest shores with a new heading for the 2019 show. For the second location change in three years, TrawlerFest will take over Bell Harbor Marina of Seattle late April for this well-loved extravaganza. Instead of flocking by the thousands to the past locations of Anacortes and Bremerton, trawler fanatics will make their way to the Emerald City waterfront for the in-water boat show and educational seminars.

“Don’t laugh, but TrawlerFest is a lot like Woodstock, except for the nautically afflicted,” says Trawlerfest organizer Peter Swanson. “TrawlerFest provides the tools, motivation, and training to just get out there and do it. It helps when you find yourself on the docks and in the seminar rooms with so many like-minded, decent people.”

For those unaware of this experience, TrawlerFest, organized by Passagemaker magazine and their parent company Active Interest Media, is a trade show, rendezvous, and an educational seminar spectacular combined into an epic five-day trawler festival.

Why Bell Harbor? “Three things really. There’s a great marina for the in-water show just a few minutes’ walk from a hotel conference center to house our seminar series. In other words, a compact, high-quality venue,” explains Swanson. “Second, there is easy access to lodging and transportation networks, specifically SeaTac Airport. Thirdly, being in the heart of Seattle gives our attendees easy access to all sorts of extracurricular activities and world-class restaurants.”

If you haven’t already, mark your calendars for April 23 to 27 to get a year’s worth of trawler exposure. Trawler enthusiasts are encouraged to gather, learn, and ultimately have a boat load of fun on this seminar-focused event—most of which will take place in The Marriott Waterfront Hotel’s classrooms.

“Dozens of cruising watercraft will be on display at the edge of one of the finest cruising grounds on the planet,” adds Swanson. “And if you don’t believe, attend some of the seminars about cruising to Alaska or Vancouver Island by the partners in SlowBoat, whose photography is nothing short of stunning.” Tickets will be available through Passagemaker this month (passagemaker.com). Seminar and display boat lists
to come.

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