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Two-for-One, King and Ling

by Kurt Hoehne

This in from alert reader Aaron Bronson (of Sea-Dog Marine Gear). 


Brandon Nysether caught a “twofer” off La Push, as the King Salmon and Ling Cod ended up on the line. Click on picture to enlarge.

Check out the attached photo.  This is something I’ve never seen or heard of happening before.  This “doublehooker” was caught off of La Push last weekend by one of Sea-Dog’s employees.  He fishes commercially in the summer as a side job outside of his regular duties here as our buyer.  He was targeting Kings while trolling and when he reeled in his catch to his boat, this is what he found on the end of his line.   How in the world did this happen?

It’s my guess, and Brandon’s, that the smaller King was already on the hook and the Ling came up for a free lunch, either swallowing the salmon and inevitably getting hooked, or the Ling went for the squid as well and got hooked in the process.  Brandon said that he’s brought fish up before that were half eaten by another fish, sometimes with the fish still attached to the smaller one it’s trying to devour.  He calls these rare catches “cling-on’s,” this picture however tells a much different story.


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