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US Sailing Says whoa, IRC Says asap

by Kurt Hoehne

These documents, the email from below from Dan Nowlan of US Sailing to PHRF-NW President David Lynch, plus this open letter to Northwest racers sent out by Northwest IRC Fleet Captain Kevin Welch, don’t need explanation or editorializing. They may prompt some discussion, however! -KH


To: dhlynch@gmail.com

Sent: 3/26/2013 11:49:14 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time

Subj: PHRF NW Big Boat Handicaps


I have been contacted by Kevin Welch regarding the handicapping process you are leading. Kevin has shared with me the document from your Big Boat Committee which states that US Sailing has endorsed your procedures. I want to make it clear to you that neither Jim Teeters nor I endorsed your entire process and I am requesting that you withdraw that statement.

In our phone conversations and my email answering your questions I thought we had made it clear that while your methodology of using ORR rating information to guide rating selection is where we would start, there were two key parts of your process that we disagreed with.

1.       That your work and its application to the fleet involved was done without first presenting the results to the impacted fleet and allowing thorough review and discussion before changing handicaps. We do not agree with that lack of due process.

2.       Some of the ORR certificates you obtained from my office did not match some boats current configuration. Jim and I disagreed with your method of using “standard PHRF practices” to correct the rating impact of those out-of date certificates. Ratings deduced from those types of adjustments can produce inaccurate conclusions and stain the use of ORR technology.

At the time of our discussions, we stated that we would offer US Sailing’s services to help with this handicap review process. That offer still stands provided it comes with the endorsement of the members of the Big Boat fleet.

Dan Nowlan

Offshore Director

US Sailing


Phone: 401-683-0800 x664


Fax: 401-683-0840

Post Office Box 1260

15 Maritime Drive

Portsmouth, RI  02871


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