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Waterline and Boatshed

by Norris Comer

Waterline Boats & Boatshed USAIn this age of tech, any advantage can mean the difference between closing the big deal and seeing the client sail away on one of the boats from Rival Yacht Sales Inc. It is in the same business spirit that Waterline Boats of Seattle recently renewed its license with Boatshed.com, a system for brokering used boats headquartered out of Gosport, U.K and established in 1999. The partnership was celebrated with a visit from England by Boatshed’s founder, Neil Chapman.

“When we founded Waterline Boats in Seattle in 2008, we recognized that we needed a better method for marketing of used boats to stand out in a crowded brokerage market. We found Boatshed and were immediately impressed,” said Scott Helker, President of Waterline Boats. “We plan to continue to grow along with Boatshed’s expansion.”

The Boatshed System’s search engine optimization and buyer-friendly features, like 360-degree virtual tours, are a few of the offerings Helker is a fan of. Boatshed has reportedly over 700,000 registered customers worldwide with over 28,000 customers in Seattle alone. The website reports 250,000 unique visitors a month with over 1,000 boats sold every year.

If you’re a broker looking for an edge or a chronic window shopper, you can check out the offerings of Boatshed yourself at boatshed.com.

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