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Weigh in on the Westlake Bike Path

by Editor

Cam Strong of the Lake Union Liveaboard Association sent this message out to make sure all interested parties get a chance to weigh in with the Seattle Department of Transportation on the important conversation about the future of Westlake Avenue. The deadline has been extended until tomorrow. Northwest Yachting Columnist Peter Schrappen has covered this topic in depth. 

Last week SDOT sent out a survey to some of the residents and businesses along Westlake with a reply due date of Friday Dec. 18th. We believe this survey omitted quite a few members of the Westlake community, so we requested the cutoff date be extended to provide the Westlake Stakeholders Group an opportunity to also send out this notice to the Westlake Community members on our email address list as well. SDOT has now agreed to extend the survey response cut-off date to Sunday, Dec. 21st, so we encourage you provide your comments back as promptly as possible this week, and not later than the evening of Dec. 21st.
Please click on this link below so you can review the map that shows SDOT”S Parking Management plan to remove free paid parking in the south and central west parking area and install paid parking in these areas.

Please note the locations where the paid parking time limits are being changed to 7 hours in different areas of the map.


Once you have reviewed this map, please go tohttps://www.surveymonkey.com/s/westlakeparking to respond to the questions in the survey.

Please express your concerns with SDOT needing to provide timely & responsive changes as needed and not delay in making timely changes as needed, especially during the seasonal peak tourism time of the year from May through September.

I am very concerned this Parking Management Plan fails to establish a maritime RPZ permit for moorage tenants and mobile marine service vendors along this corridor. I hope you will express your concerns on this situation as well as other situations you believe are important to call to the attention of SDOT.

Thank-you for continuing to remain engaged in SDOT’s Westlake Parking Management process.

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