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Winter Vashon Photos

by Editor

The breeze didn’t quite fill in as hoped, so light air technique and focus ruled the day for Tacoma Yacht Club’s Winter Vashon on Saturday. According to photographer Jan Anderson: This year’s Winter Vashon race brought all the elements together … except wind. Oh sure, there was some breeze here and there around the course, but by and large, it was just about anybody’s guess how to approach this race. So we have some photos for you, and I sure hope you enjoy them … at least as much as we enjoyed taking them. And by the way, be sure to check out http://www.janpix.smugmug.com to fulfill any last minute Christmas gift giving urges you might have!! If your boat was on the water, it’s likely on this website.

A word about those last couple sentences. It’s a pleasure working with Jan, and as many great shots as we have been able to post in the last few months, there are hundreds of great ones that go unpublished. Boat photos are great gifts, especially when they’re from a particularly memorable race or moment. And, if you haven’t checked out Jan’s Smugmug site, it’s well worth a visit. Jan earns all of our support every time she heads out.

Winter Vashon results.

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