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1984 Irwin Custom 65’

by Norris Comer

Standing tall in the American production sailboat building psyche is Irwin Yachts, founded by designer Ted Irwin. Among the builder’s accomplished designs is the center cockpit Irwin 65, a staysail ketch rigged cruiser with a keel/centerboard hull. I probably don’t need to tell you that these are features not often found on one boat, certainly not these days. First built in 1981, the Irwin 65 had a reputation for being a lot of quality boat for the price.

But why stop at the standard experience? Arabesque is an Irwin 65 on the market that features a custom sugar scoop swim stern extension. The generous extension not only adds some stylish overhang flair aft, but also makes water access and dinghy deployment far easier than the original build.

Pretty much all the systems have been upgraded since 2004: engine (a 225-horsepower Perkins diesel), generator, AC systems, sails, and rigging. Arabesque features crew quarters in the large forepeak, setting up the sailboat nicely to be a charter.

For those looking at sailboats in this size range and price point, the Irwin 65 is likely on many short lists. Why not go for one that’s decked out with a few good ideas? Arabesque is currently listed with local broker Seattle Yachts for $249,000.

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