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Power Boats at the Paris Show

by Karl Schulmeisters

The Power boat scene in France tends towards the extremes.   Because gasoline costs close to $7.00 gallon, you do not have the plethora of entry and mid-range level powerboats that you have in the USA.  RibInstead you tend to have very large or high end boats, or very very low end, rotomolded boats that tend to be underpowered.   And at the high end at least at the boat show, you had almost nothing but RIBs of one sort or another.   You also see a lot of diesels.  In fact unlike the USA, most of the motors on display here in Paris are Diesels.   And a very large segment of them are diesels for onboard power generation.  The nicest ones I saw are from Fischer-Panda.   Almost all of them come inside of a soundproofed case.  (Note the very French approach of having a smoke inside the show floor which supposedly is illegal but not well enforced – baby steps baby steps)


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