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BoNY Resolutions 2014

by Kurt Hoehne

I don’t know if younger generations burden themselves with resolutions. I hope not.

For me, December 31 is the best/worst day of the year. The finality of not having delivered on the year’s resolutions hurts but is undeniable, so I get to wipe that slate clean. Then I get to replace them with new ones. Never mind that they’re basically the same. Part of magic of New Years is one gets to ignore that detail. Following are my boating new year (bony) resolutions for 2014, from important to most important. I’ll elaborate in my NWY mag column.

10.  Improve my knowledge of safety technique and/or equipment.

9. Visit someplace by boat that I haven’t been before.

8. Give back through boating organizations (can’t help this one, I’ve already committed myself).

7. Read more boating books. In my case, my appreciation for boating goes up, especially when I read about days of yore. And fiction provides a nice balance to reality. . . 

6. Take friends sailing.

5. Learn something more about weather. This is the year.

4. Fix the things that need fixing. Boating is definitely more fun when things are ship shape.

3. Learn about new aspects of boating. I’m due to spend some time on a stand up paddle board (SUP) and more time on powerboats.

2. Use my boat more. Yes, in addition to spending time on new aspects, I resolve to spend more time on my loved and hated little “pain box” (the Laser sailboat).

1. Sail more with my boys and wife. Time passes too fast, and the chances to sail with them are too valuable to waste.

What are your boating resolutions?



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