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by Lara Roche-Sudar

Angles Everywhere || $2.99 for iOs

Clinometer appA clinometer is an instrument used to determine angles of inclination or slope.. Also known as an inclinometer or tilt meter, these devices traditionally look a little bit like a compass. The Clinometer app allows you to measure slope using just your Apple device; measuring the slope with all sides of the device and the camera, and can be used for aligning a picture frame or even more exact measurements when you need to know the precise measurement of an arbitrary slope, such as the list of your vessel in still water, or the roll in rough water. The app has three modes: clinometer, which functions when the device is held upright; camera mode, which can measure in any direction; and bubble level which can be used when holding the device flat.

The app can measure in five different unit modes: degrees, percentage, rise over run, and 1V:H (used in engineering). The Clinometer app is currently only available for iOS devices—sorry, Android users. You can find it in the app store for $2.99.

Knowledge is Power || $4.99 for iOs

The Boater’s Pocket Reference has reference facts, figures, formulas, graphs, how-to guides, and tables of boating information all easily accessed from your iOS device. It has information for experienced boaters as well as the novice. There are piloting and navigation references, including how-tos for using GPS, radar, and sonar; US and Canadian Coast Guard boating regulations; a guide to 50 types of knots; tips on trailering; a glossary of marine technology; and much more. For the beginner, there’s even a guide to the basics of operating a boat — although we highly recommend that you have a pretty good handle on those before venturing out on the water by yourself! The app also features unit conversion tables, in case you run up against some metrics you need to change to imperial measurements during your travels, and a list of boating resources such as the Coast Guard and Power Squadron. Another one just for the iOS users, the Boater’s Pocket Reference app is available in the iTunes app store for $4.99.

Virtual Sail || $0.99 for iOs
Sailing SimulatorThis app is less of a tool for using on the water but brings the sea to the landlubber or could be more of an educational tool—or even a fun game—for beginning sailors. The SailSim app transforms your iPhone into a virtual sailing vessel; you can determine the wind direction, then see how changing the boat heading affects the set of the sails, centerboard, and boat speed. Your iPhone becomes the boat, so turning the iPhone shows you how the sails adjust and change shape relative to the constant direction of the virtual winds, just like they would change in a real-life scenario. Billed as most useful in demonstrating sailing principles to students, the SailSim app shows your boat heading, centerboard position, boat speed for each sail angle, boat tack, point of sail, wind direction (shown as compass direction and arrows), and relative wind position. SailSim is available for $0.99 from the iTunes store.

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