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by NWY Staff

VesselView Mobile App

// Free for iOS & Android


Owners of Mercury outboard engines made in 2004 or later, lend us your ears! The new VesselView Mobile App (free) coupled with the corresponding Bluetooth module ($275) gives the user the complete engine monitoring capabilities of large integrated systems.

Installation is easy, simply plug the module into the diagnostic port of your Mercury engine. When you start the engine, the device should light up to indicate that it is ready to operate. The module then sends vital engine information in real time via Bluetooth directly to your smartphone or tablet (works on both iOS and Android platforms).

Once the app is opened, the smart device and Bluetooth module communicate. The phone’s GPS capabilities enhances the value of the data coming from the engine, and can help manage fuel, provide navigational knowledge, etc. The app keeps track of engine hours, can give service alerts, and more. If the engine has an issue, the app also acts as a sort of phantom mechanic to provide advice and limited diagnostic input.

The VesselView Mobile App and Bluetooth module combination is a peek at what may become the standard boating technology of the future. If interested, you can learn more at mercury.vesselviewmobile.com.

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