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Axopar 24 Hard Top

by Norris Comer

Axopar 24 Hard Top

The Finnish-made Axopar boats are certainly head-turners with their unique looks and go-fast emphasis. The Axopar 24 Hard Top (HT) is one of the line’s more pocket-sized builds that’s meant to take the owner and his or her friends on a proper joyride.

A few design features of the hull are immediately apparent. The long shape with relatively narrow beam makes the 24 HT look a bit like a knife, and the twin-stepped hull is meant to increase fuel efficiency and performance. All that speedster design blends with the entertainment accommodations the 24 HT was also built to embrace. The foredeck is deeply set to shelter seating that, uniquely, is not accessed via walkways on the side decks, but through a hatch in the forward part of the cabin. This setup makes bow riding a given favorite activity for guests aboard, and the transition between the foredeck and aft is about as safe and sheltered as it gets with the design.

The helm is completely protected by the glass and hardtop cabin with access to three seats and the open cockpit. An optional fridge can be found under the co-pilot seat. A single 250-horsepower Mercury outboard sits on the transom where segments of swim step give access to the water on both sides of the engine. A vast array of options from water ski pole to overnight canopy make the 24 HT a sportster or an overnighter. No two Axopars of any build are likely to be exactly the same.

Axopar 24 Hard Top SpecsRated as a coastal craft, you won’t be taking the 24 HT across oceans. But if you’re looking for a clever runabout with reported maximum speed of 40 knots and a totally unique look, the Axopar 24 HT may end up on your short list. The base listed price by the manufacturer, €29,750 (about $35,000 USD) makes this an affordable entry-level boat as well. If interested in more information or pricing options contact the local dealer, JK3 Yacht Sales.

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