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Beneteau Figaro 3

by Norris Comer

Beneteau  Figaro 3Emirates Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa design teams shocked the world when they revealed their design for the AC75, a foiling one-design monohull sailboat racing concept destined for the 36th America’s Cup in 2021. The foiling one-design monohull concept has increasingly seeped into the global sailing consciousness, and many America’s Cup fans have begun to wonder when they will get to try out a production foiling monohull. The answer? Imminently! Beneteau has unveiled the Figaro 3 to the world.

Is it truly the next step in one-design racing? Time will tell, but the fact that the firm of Van Peteghem Lauriot-Prevost (the architects of the last two boats to win the Vendee Globe race) had a hand in the creation of the Figaro 3 is certainly an endorsement. It’s also worth noting the “3” in the name, for the Figaro 1 and 2 one-design racing monohulls have combined decades of active and competitive racing. The Figaro 3 builds off the highly competitive offshore
pedigree of its predecessors.

Although we, and most of the world, have yet to hop aboard, a few features leap out upon examination as production begins. Features like tiller control, dual rudders, and carbon fiber mast and bowsprit all scream fast. The hull itself is also that of a racer with wide racing decks and cockpit and a low, almost flat profile. The manufacturer also touts its ballast-free hull, deeper keel, setback mast, and larger sail plan than Figaro predecessors.

Beneteau Figaro 3 SpecsOf course, there are twin giant orange foils located amidships both port and starboard. Both foils can be stowed at dock and deployed when needed, which extends their curved forms further or closer to the hull.

Although production has begun, it may be a while until our West Coast Beneteau dealers have them in stock. If curious, you can learn more at beneteau.com or check in with local Beneteau dealer Signature Yachts. Inquire for pricing options. The base price, with an inboard diesel, is $225,000.

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