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Biblically Torrential Rains Don’t Dampen North Pacific Rendezvous

by Kurt Hoehne

NPYO Rendezvous 2013 - 2The west coast owners of North Pacific Yachts had a successful rendezvous at Roche Harbor Marina on September 29 through to October 2 despite being battered by storm force winds and biblically-torrential rain. Unfortunately the weather reduced our attendance somewhat, down from the 28 boats pre-registered. Regardless, several sessions were enthusiastically attended, especially one on engines hosted by Pat McCullough of Cummins NW. Several women enrolled in NP Women on the Water training mentored by Capt. Gerry Travers – a minimum of six women were at the helm of their boats on departure, so that was clearly well-received and effective. Next year’s NPYO Rendezvous will be held September 21–24, 2014 at Telegraph Harbour Marina. – Brian Genge

Thanks, Brian, for sending us this wrapup! Readers, you can learn a lot more about North Pacific Yachts on its web site. Note to anybody else involved with a rendezvous – send us pictures and/or a report and we’ll be happy to run it on nwyachting.com. And be sure to get your event on our calendar. Just email kurt@nwyachting.com and I’ll make sure it gets on. –KH

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