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Lentsch Motor Yacht

Broker’s Best: 66’ De Vries
Lentsch Motor Yacht

by Norris Comer

66' DeVries Lentsch Motor Yacht
Northern Europe and the Pacific Northwest share a subtle but strong cultural bond. Chalk it up to immigration and a similar nautical and geographical heritage, I suppose. Whatever the reason, many Dutch-built boats fit right into our neck of the woods, and the 66’ De Vries Lentsch Motor Yacht is a great example. A 1965 build, Fransus combines a rugged steel hull, gorgeous old-world woodwork on deck, and the technology of today to make a consummate long-distance luxury cruiser.

The Dutch yacht builder De Vries Lentsch Yachts B.V. traces its origin all the way back to 1878 when De Vries Lentsch started as the builder and designer of wooden rowing boats for the Port of Amsterdam. The company has been a piece of the global nautical tapestry ever since.

It built lifeboats during an industry boom after the sinking of the Titanic, participated in the Feadship organization after WWII, and ultimately split off to its current incarnation, De Vries Lentsch
Yacht Designers & Naval Architects in 1960. The company makes everything from sailing and motor yachts to high-speed salvage, pilot, and patrol boats.

66' DeVries Lentsch Motor Yacht specs

Remarkably, De Vries has maintained a largely consistent aesthetic—lots of canoe sterns, swept back angles, elegant lines, and classy woodwork (where possible)—of traditional Dutch good looks while also embracing the fruits of whatever decade they find themselves in. What they do is not nostalgic. It’s effective.

Fransus has lived a pampered life in a boathouse and cruising our local waters with the same diligent owner for the last 25 years. The 2012 twin John Deere 200-horsepower engines give her a maximum speed of 14 knots with a fuel-efficient cruising speed of 9 knots (at a reported 9 gallons per hour). Coupled with the 2,000 gallons of fuel, this classy yacht and its accommodations for eight will go just about anywhere one could desire. If interested, contact local dealer Irwin Yacht Sales. Price listed at $485,000.

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