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Cutwater 24 Center Walkaround

by Norris Comer

The center console walkaround is, for many, the image of boating. Small to mid-sized, versatile, fast, and relatively affordable, they are everywhere on the water for good reason. Among them is the new high-end Cutwater 24 Center Walkaround (CW), built right here in the Pacific Northwest. The Cutwater Boats company is a division of Fluid Motion, LLC, also known for their popular Ranger Tugs.

Built to be economically powered by a single Yamaha 250 horsepower and paired with laminar flow interrupters of the hull design, the CW 24 is an efficient ride. Anecdotally, you can watch one underway and look at the wake, which is nice and modest. Modest wakes generally mean that the energy from the motor is spent where it should be; propelling the craft forward, not creating big waves sideways for no useful reason.
Like many new modern boats, the 24 CW offers many custom options like a bow thruster, fridge, integrated livewell, electric grill, and hardtop vs. bimini. The standard features include an aft insulated cooler, rod holders, retractable ski pylon, and more. For the purposes of all-weather Pacific Northwest island hopping, the hardtop option is probably wise.

All 24 CWs have the large open cockpit complete with padded seating that should serve a fishing, watersports, and/or good times platform. A wide walkway connects the bow and the stern to starboard, while a less sheltered, but handrail-guided walkway is port for the spry. The cockpit feels like the life of the party with padded seating just about everywhere.

The hardtop has a solid structure to it, with the jungle gym-like supports that also act as good hand holds. The helm station is spacious and protected with ready access to the cabin. Down there, you’ve got a sink, toilet, and berth. The interior is basic when compared to larger yachts or cruising models. However, it’s a generous setup for a center console walkaround.

If you’re looking for a walkaround, like to buy local, and want to have fun on the water, the Cutwater 24 Center Walkaround may be the boat for you. Hull #5, equipped with a host of factory options including the hardtop, is currently listed by local dealer Bellingham Yachts for $142,545.

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