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Dehler One Design

by Norris Comer

One Design
Germany-based Dehler is mostly known for its luxury, Euro-styled, cruiser-racer production sailboats that have one foot in the comfort sailing realm and the other in the zippy performance world. What makes a Dehler a Dehler all changed with their newest build, the Dehler One Design, the company’s dive into the no-compromises racing circuit. A notable Pacific Northwest tie-in is the involvement of Bieker Boats—the company of local Olympian sailor and talented sailboat designer Paul Bieker—with a patented Stealth Drive for the Dehler engine, a novel feature we’ll circle back to.

Like all boats, the story starts at the hull. The One Design is fiberglass with a PVC sandwich core, a proven method, but has the addition of a so-called “Dehler carbon cage.” This carbon fiber superstructure is meant to add some of that lightweight carbon fiber strength for the racecourse. The keel is a T-keel bulb and is paired with twin rudders. Also notable is the tiller steering, no wheels here.

The racing-focused wineglass aerial profile and composite bowsprit with bobstay and padeye should be familiar to racers. The rig is carbon fiber with one set of spreaders and an aluminum boom. The cockpit is wide and open for racing with a properly Spartan racer’s interior. There is what you need and nothing more: modest galley, two racing berths near a foldable table, toilet, and stowage.

Dehler One Design specs
The One Design is equipped with a 9.9-hp inboard paired with the aforementioned Stealth Driver from Bieker Boats. With the press of a button in the cockpit, the three-blade propeller can be deployed or drawn into the hull. For those obsessed with reducing prop drag, this may be the answer to your prayers.

The Dehler One Design hit the market the in the spring of 2019, and maybe, we’ll start seeing them in our waters soon. If interested, you can contact local Dehler dealer Seattle Yachts for more information and pricing.

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