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French Pilot Gig

by Peter Marsh

French pilot gig


French sailing isn’t all high-tech multihulls and Minis, there is a huge interest in traditional boats, which were often unique to a small stretch of coast. They are all classed under the term “chasse-marée” that  originally meant a fast fishing boat. Here is an unusual example that came out to watch the Mini regatta–an open longboat with three lug sails. It looks as if it could also be rowed if the wind dropped…and the crew was hardy enough.

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Jerome October 30, 2013 - 10:13

Hi Peter,
We were glad to have you for that windy night camping at our place earlier this week! Let s try to stay in touch and hope we can spend more time together next time we see you.
I will send you the French text about the abbey in case you can spend some time trasnlating it in proper English, as you offered ; the English translation I will also forward you is an amateur one, as you will see. Please send us your email.
All the best for your “Tour de France” and Isabelle is now out of hospital… 😉
Jerome and Dad (host at breakfast)


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