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Garcia Explocat 52

by Norris Comer

Garcia Explocat 52
Fans of the Garcia line of aluminum monohull sailboats, known for their cruising and expedition capabilities, have a legitimately bold vision from the company to fawn over. The Garcia family goes multihull with the announcement of the Garcia Explocat 52, essentially a catamaran version of the family of sailing yachts made to be comfortable in the Arctic, Antarctic, and all waters in between.

The Explocat 52 is aluminum-hulled like its Garcia sisters, but that’s just the start. With a layout that includes features like a machine shop, this is a build made for adventurer owners and charters. Reportedly, the Explocat 52 was designed with swiftness in mind as well, with lightweight fittings and fine-entry bows examples of performance features.


Interestingly, the elevated helm is integrated into the hardtop positioned over the cockpit aft, making for a commanding, flybridge-like experience for the skipper. The covered cockpit is still a sheltered entertainment-focused area with plenty of seating. The mainsheet traveler is out of the way completely, running on the hardtop. If the Arctic winds allow it, there’s a forward seating area near the trampolines for hanging out.

Both three- and four-cabin layouts are offered. Like many catamarans of this size, the beam is fully utilized for a massive salon. A nav station is in the mix there as well, a more protected place to helm the vessel when needed.

The announcement of the build has been out there for some time now, but perhaps a few bold buyers who want to go for it can give it a nudge into reality. If interested, you can contact the local dealer Swiftsure Yachts.

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