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Goods + Gear – August 2022

by Randy Woods

Taylor’s Tasty Muy Caliente Habanero Oysters

You may think of oysters as a tangy, briny delicacy best served cold. But that’s because you haven’t tried these smoked Pacific oysters, jazzed up with a spicy kick from Habanero peppers. Sustainably harvested in Willapa Bay, Washington, these extra-hot bivalves from Taylor Shellfish are the perfect pick-me-up appetizer at your next summer boating party. Grown by Ekone Oyster Co., using the long-line method of shellfish farming, these oysters are always free of sand, grit, and preservatives, and are brined in two kinds of Habanero sauces before being smoked with maple chips. The end result is a delectable, all-natural, Scoville-scale-topping treat. The 3-ounce tins also make the oysters convenient to bring on board. $11.95 per can // taylorshellfishfarms.com

Spiceology’s Blackberry-Balsamic Blend Suits All Summer Tastes

Summer is always a great time to experiment with new flavor combinations. This mixture of fresh, tart blackberries and tangy balsamic vinegar creates a rich, complex flavor profile that pairs well with almost any dish, including pork, chicken, lamb, beef, salmon, duck, or veggies. (It can even add a dash of salty-sweet goodness to ice cream for dessert!) The Spiceology website also offers some mouth-watering recipes with its seasoning blend, from roasted blackberries on whipped feta to blackberry balsamic lamb and roasted potatoes to New York strip steak with “boozy balsamic blackberries. The possibilities for tastebud excitement with these versatile granules are nearly limitless. $16.95 per 4.9 oz. jar // spiceology.com

Grill Your Hunger Away with Magma

Hungry yet? Well, now here’s something you can use to whip up these yummy summer creations. This portable, roomy Catalina II gas grill from Magma can help you feed an entire boating party (and crew) with ease. Measuring 12 by 18 inches, this latest version of Magma’s Infrared Gourmet Series produces intense, steady, evenly distributed heat that instantly emulsifies drippings to lock in a rich, smoky flavor to your dishes. The round-edged, stainless steel grill is designed with primary and secondary surfaces, allowing cooks to sear, slow roast, or warm meals at the same time. The Catalina II is also equipped with heavy-duty mounting hardware, a hermetically sealed thermometer, and fold-away tabletop legs for easy transport. $500 // Available from Fisheries Supply in Seattle, fisheriessupply.com.

Let Your Dungeness Crab Flag Fly

Show the other boaters how crabby you are—Dungeness crabby, that it. This durable nylon novelty flag from Taylor Made features a bright red-orange depiction of the Northwest’s most iconic crab species on a white background. The screen-printed standard is made in the USA and includes brass grommets to protect the claw-spangled banner from rope wear and tear. It’s a perfect way to call the crew to supper and bring the kids in from the water. Or it can be a suitable nautical addition to galleys at sea or dens back on land. $14.99 // Available at West Marine stores, westmarine.com.

Badger Sunscreen Keeps Those Rays at Bay

During these long, cloudless days of summer, the often-tender skin of the rain-soaked Northwesterner needs extra care from the abundance of sunshine. With an SPF of 50, Badger’s  

Adventure Sport Mineral Sunscreen includes the highest percentage of sun-blocking zinc oxide allowed by the FDA and also includes moisturizing Vitamin E for healthy skin. The unscented sunscreen is made of just four ingredients in an antioxidant-rich formula, using 98% organic and hypoallergenic materials. Most important to boaters, Adventure Sport provides up to 80 minutes of seawater resistance, allowing for extended exposure to swimming and splashing. And any sunscreen that is washed off is biodegradable, too, so it helps protect the sensitive marine environment. $14.95 per 2.4 oz. tin // Available at area REI stores, rei.com.

Go Yachting in Your Backyard Pool with Funboy

For those who love the mega-yacht lifestyle but may not be able to afford the accompanying vessel just quite yet, Funboy has an inflatable solution: the Mega Yacht Pool Float. Nearly 13 feet long and more than five feet wide, this floatie will dominate any backyard pool or dockside hangout for hours of fun. Big enough for water horseplay, the Mega Yacht also has a massive head pillow for luxurious sunbathing above the water level, an inflatable 3-D tower, and two cup holders for refreshments. The giant raft also comes with a bow bungee tie-down system, side grab ropes, and four handles for added stability. $198 // funboy.com.

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