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by Andrew Hoge

Whether sailing the waters or lounging at port, keeping a bottle (or two) of your favorite vino is always a good idea. Consider these must-have accessories to elevate any sipping experience while impressing your guests.

MENU Wine Breather Carafe

A sure-fire way to maximize the taste of your wine and impress the oenophiles on board is to keep a wine breather within arm’s reach. This award-winning design from MENU is made with a glass carafe and separate neck breather that serves as a connector to the bottle of wine. Simply flip your favorite bottle upside down once it’s been attached and then flip back over to allow the aerated wine to flow back into the bottle. ($69.99; 2modern.com)

Mark & Graham Silver Nautilus Wine Bucket

This stunning wine bucket is an expert blend of form and function, keeping your white and sparkling wines crisp and icy cool throughout each meal in an oh-so-chic, seashell shaped vessel. ($199; markandgraham.com)

Toyo Sakaki Glass Stacking Glasses

There are many excellent pairings to be had while at sea, but waves and stemmed wine glasses are not one of them. These chic, stackable, and stemless tumblers have been a favorite for nearly 50 years and will save you on both space and possible breakage. ($33 per pack of 6; jinenstore.com)

Le Creuset Champagne Stopper

Preserve any extra bubbly with this black nickel-finished stopper from Le Creuset, which claims an airtight mechanism that locks in carbonation and ensures your pour will still be fresh for the next big occasion. ($44; williams-sonoma.com) 

Hardmill Leather Wine Tote

Seattle-based Hardmill knows a thing or two about design that is both useful and beautiful. Whether you are docking or going ashore for your next gathering, consider carrying your bottle of choice in this leather tote, complete with an exterior wine key pocket. ($85; hardmill.com)

Michael Aram Ocean Reef Wine Coaster & Stopper Set

Bring the natural beauty of the ocean into your cabin with this wine coaster and stopper set that will elevate any bottle of wine you serve. ($160; michaelaram.com)

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