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Goods + Gear – November 2023

by Randy Woods

Wick S Sheds Light on Fall Gloom

When Mother Nature turns out the lights at 5 p.m. as we descend deeper into fall, it’s best to bring along your own illumination to cut through the murk. This rechargeable Wick S electric candle from Graypants, Inc., provides a surprisingly bright glow of 2600K color temperature LED light that lasts between 12 and 150 hours on a single charge, depending on the power mode used. Equipped with a USB-C charging cord, the 6.5” high, mini-lantern charges quickly and can easily light up a boat’s cabin, salon, or cockpit with a warm, romantic radiance, but without the risk of tipping over or blowing out like a candle in the wind. The Wick S doubles as a high-tech 21st century flashlight with a touch of 19th century charm. Available in brass, graphite, and black. $139 // graypants.com

Turn Your Boat into a Work of Art

All boaters know their vessels are works of art unto themselves. Why not let your love be known with a customized wall-hanging of your pride and joy? Ocean Silhouettes provides laser-cut metal outlines of whatever watercraft you choose in sizes ranging from 31-55 inches. Just send a photo and a description of your boat type, and the team will recreate a customized outline of your craft in exacting detail, using 2mm-thick steel. The craft artisans paint it black and hand-polish the finished artwork, which can either be hung on a wall or stand alone on a shelf. The silhouettes also come with mounting screws that allow the art to hang a half-inch away from the wall, evoking a stunning 3D effect, adding some personal nautical style to any den, office, or cabin. $120-$545, prices vary by size // oceansilhouettes.com

Goods & Gear - Boots

These Are the Light Dinghy Boots You Zhik

Fleetness of foot and durability can give boat-racing teams a critical edge in any competition. That’s why West Coast Sailing offers these ultra-thin, featherweight Zhik High-Cut 470 dinghy boots to provide extra arch and ankle support and superior mobility for all types of high-intensity sailing. Made with an ergonomic design to enhance comfort and reduce chafing, the Zhik boots feature a new molded-rubber compound to provide a solid grip on slick decks and a quick-lock lacing system, making quick footwear changes a breeze. An improved ankle strap also limits bulk and saves weight while providing reliable security. The boots are made for walking, and for working, with fast-drying materials that quickly shed excess water. Comes in black with stylish lime-green accents. $160 // westcoastsailing.net


Organization is ‘Not a Boat Accident…’

Chief Brody won the battle with a very big, very angry fish in Jaws because he was organized and resourceful. You, too, can be the talk of Amity Island with this whimsical zip-up organizing case from Seattle-based Cecelia Stitch. With plenty of hand-drawn, Jaws-themed in-jokes for film buffs (including Quint’s crushed beer can and the “beach closed” sign that never seemed to work), the blue-and-white, 9.5- by 7-inch canvas case features a nylon lining, a heavy-duty brass zipper, and a leather pull loop to keep grudge-holding ocean predators from sinking their many, many teeth into your boat supplies, toiletries, snacks, coins, or shark-repellant. With this one little bag, you can keep our possessions orderly, protected, and dry—all without needing a bigger boat. Hey, why do I hear ominous orchestral music behind me?… $32 // ceceliastitch.com

Dehumidify the Damp with Eva-Dry

If the gales of November come early this year, the best way to keep your vessel dry and mold-free is to use a portable humidifier. This EDV-2500, the latest model from Eva-Dry, can pull moisture out of enclosed spaces measuring up to 2,500 cubic feet, which is the equivalent of a 17- by 18-foot room. Using thermoelectric Peltier technology, the 72-Watt EDV-2500 is whisper-quiet and can collect about 20 ounces of water per day from the air with 80 percent relative humidity. The compact 13- by 9- by 6-inch unit fits into many tight spaces on board and can hold up to two-quarts of water, with an automatic shut-off valve for a full tank. For those putting boats in storage for the winter, the EDV-2500 can help prevent moisture from creating stagnant, musty odors in fabrics and upholstery before the season returns next year. $92 // Available from Fisheries Supply in Seattle, fisheriessupply.com

A Killer Accent for Your Galley

You have your silverware put away and your dishes and glasses washed, but you still need that special nautical accent to complete the perfect galley you’ve created. This Orca Fragole kitchen towel, with a beautifully embroidered breaching killer whale seen in mid-leap, might fit the bill. Designed by Seattle-based, home-decor artist Timothy De Clue, the towel is made of 60 percent premium Italian cotton and 40 percent linen, along with hand-guided embroidery. The orca illustration is paired with a handsome row of solid black and herringbone-style stripes. Measuring 27- by 23-inches, the elegant towel is also machine washable. In addition to the orca design, De Clue offers Seattle hockey lovers a similar Fragole hand towel featuring charming Kraken artwork, available in an octopus’s garden of colors. $42 // timothydecluecollection.com

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