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Grill to Go

by NWY Staff

UNA Portable Charcoal Grill

UNA Portable Charcoal GrillBarely bigger than a shoebox, grills don’t get any more portable than the UNA Grill. “UNA” means “one” and “together,” which seems to describe their ultimate purpose well: versatility. This pint-sized charcoal grill can be easily carried in one hand or slipped into a backpack. Just think of the possibilities; burgers with a view at the end of a long hike, a quickly-packed setup for effortless tailgating, or a spontaneous cookout on a pristine beach you spot while cruising.

The idea sizzled while the founder, Sherif Soubra visited his brother on the Ivory Coast. They wanted to celebrate their reunion with a delicious barbecue feast. With no grill in hand and ready to go, their father improvised with his own do-it-yourself grill, which ended in a scorched tabletop. His father’s prototypes became Soubra’s inspiration for the UNA Grill.

The UNA Grill is assembled from five pieces. The case of the grill, which serves as the grill’s main body, is made from high-temperature coated stainless steel. An ash collector fits into the case, a charcoal grate fits over that, and a cooking grate rests above the charcoal. A lid fits over everything else, keeping all the components together while you’re on the move. A leather carrying handle is the only component that is not stainless steel. The lid can be flipped and attached to the bottom of the grill, lifting it into the air and away from any surface that might be scorched by the heat. The case is black, but the lids offer a splash of color with offerings in Pastel Blue, Cream White, Red, Graphite Grey and Turquoise.

A sunken cooking grate keeps food from falling off the surface while grilling, and divots along the sides serve as rests for skewered meats and vegetables. The grill measures 17’’x 4.2’’x 6.6’’, which means you could cook about three average-sized burgers at a time. All the components (except for the handle) are made from stainless steel and can be cleaned in a dishwasher. Don’t let the best grilling weather pass you by, take advantage of summer with the UNA Grill, available on amazon.com and store.moma.org from $139.

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