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Help the Ongoing Fight against E15

by Kurt Hoehne

This message in from Boating United (of the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association). The fight to stall E15 gasoline continues, and you can help. –KH

From Boating United:

Thank you for your support in helping to end to the ethanol mandate.

In the span of just one month, nearly 2,000 letters were sent to members of Congress asking them to take action and protect recreational boating from the hazardous effects of high ethanol fuel blends, like E15. Your contribution has made a real difference.

Because of you more and more members of Congress are now supporting our cause to end the ethanol mandate!Print

Let’s keep up the momentum. Let’s send 2,000 letters. It’s not too late for our voices to be heard. Share this link with friends and family, and take action now to end the ethanol mandate!

All it takes is three minutes. Click here to tell your Senators and Representative to stop E15 from becoming a reality by entering our fuel supply and damaging our engines.

Thank you for taking action against the ethanol mandate and for your continued support of the Boating United and the recreational boating industry!

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