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Hinckley Picnic Boat 37 MK III

by Norris Comer

Hinckley Picnic Boat 37 MK III

The handsome Picnic Boat 37 Mark III from Hinckley Yachts caught our eye at the recent Seattle Boat Show, and we had to take a closer look. This boat has the look and feel of a classic – Burmese teak and traditional lines – with the functionality and convenience of a modern yacht, like a jet propulsion system, joystick controls, and composite hull.

Hinckley Yachts picnic boats started around 25 years and 450 hulls ago. The newest Mark III is lighter by 1,000 lbs. (partially thanks to modern manufacturing techniques) and is powered by dual-aluminum block, 370-horsepower Yanmar inboard diesel V-8 engines. While the classification as a “picnic boat” may conjure up images of lackadaisical lake puttering, the manufacturer boasts a nippy 32-knot cruising speed, with a maximum speed of 35 knots. Hold onto your picnic baskets! The shallow draft and design of the hull is ideal for poking around secluded bays. This is also possible thanks to the unique jet propulsion system on board.

Hinckley Picnic Boat 37 MK III SpecsOnce aboard, the Mark III’s teak-trimmed charm fully takes hold. The open cockpit leads forward to a foldable dining table situated under a hardtop cover. Just about every nook and cranny blends into seating and entertaining space. Two chairs and a helm station flank the companionway that leads down and into the cabin. The accommodations below are warm, again partially thanks to the woodwork, and geared toward a couple’s weekend getaway. A galley, enclosed head, and suite with large V-berth is all down there.

Although an East Coast boat, there’s something reminiscent of the iconic Lake Union Dreamboats that plied these waters in the 1920s. But the similarities end with the aesthetics, for the modern aspects of the Hinckley Picnic Boat Mark III 37 are all about offering that perfect day (or days) out on the water for the owner and guests. If interested, check out hinckleyyachts.com for more information and contacts. The base price is $884,900.

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