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Unfrozen Fingers

by Evin Moore


Even with a good pair of gloves, hands can still get cold on fall days, and that’s doubly true in the windy conditions on the open water.

The solution for many are disposable, chemical hand warming pouches, but there are other options that work just as well. The EnergyFlux Enduro electric hand warmers from Human Creations can stay warm for almost seven hours at 109°F and 6.5 hours at 115°F.

It has additional features, like the ability to charge mobile phones, tablets, and cameras via a USB port. The hand warmer is powered by a lithium-ion battery that is rated for over 500 recharges. A 55lm LED flashlight with SOS strobe capability is also built it. The unit takes about 4 hours to charge, and about 30 minutes to heat up to its average temperature, so be sure to turn it on before you leave the house.

If your hands get cold no matter what gloves you wear these hand warmers sell for about $31. You can check out the hand warmers at human-creations.com.

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