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Kingfisher 3425 GFX

by Norris Comer


There’s plenty of love in the Pacific Northwest for ready-for-anything aluminum boats with a fishing focus, as demonstrated by storied local companies like North River, Hewscraft, and Kingfisher. While these brands have their roots in the sub-30-foot range, lately a few have been breaking into the bigger boat sphere.

Enter the new Kingfisher 3425 GFX (Great Fishing and Exploring) model, sister to the other new GFX build, the slightly smaller 3125 GFX. Coming in at 35’ 1”, the 3425 is made to get to the salmon, limit out, and goof off in the wilderness at the pleasure of the skipper. Why not?

Right out of the gate, we’re looking at a machine on the offense with that angled forward attack style cabin. The cabin is a clearly a benefactor of this Kingfisher’s increased size with a reported 6’ 10” of headroom throughout, galley starboard, dining table port, helm, and forward V-berth with en suite head. Throw in plenty of stowage spaces, clever handrails above your head for high-speed maneuvers, and two co-captain seats to keep the skipper company, and you and your buds are set for the long haul. The cabin top is wide open, perfect for that dinghy or paddle craft.

Kingfisher3425GFX_specsIdeally, the most time will be spent on the deck slaying fish. The many integrated rod holders, wing-station, space for downrigger mounts, and the livebait well cement this build as a fisherman-first kind of build. Twin 300-horsepower Yamaha outboards with a smaller kicker seem like the standard setup, although the boat is rated up to 900 horsepower.

The Kingfisher 3425 is touted by the company as “The King of the Coast.” You can be the judge of that, but there’s no denying they’ve built one high-caliber aluminum fishing machine. It can cruise comfortably for days on end, which adds a cruising potential well suited to island hopping all summer long. If interested in the new Kingfisher 3425 GFX, check out the Kingfisher Boaters website to find your local dealer (kingfisherboats.com).

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