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Last Year’s Poulsbo party. Will it hold a candle to this year?

by Kurt Hoehne

When Chip Hanauer initiated last year’s Winter Rendezvous in Poulsbo, not even he could imagine what a success it would be. If you’re on the fence about coming this year on February 6-8, check out the video and slide show from last year. And if you don’t want to miss it this year, better buy your tickets (and get FREE, yes FREE, moorage) before they’re all gone. A few new wrinkles this year including a “Libation Station” — featuring the finest brews, wines and cider houses in the region. Check it all out here.

Here’s Sam’s video of the last year’s event:


And, for those who like still photos, here’s a slideshow courtesy of The Boat Guy and Carolyn Cheney:

Horns, fire and a crowd.
Pretty serious looking warriors.
Vikings and a pyre, great start.
Chip checks out a T-bird well equipped with lubricant.
The police heard Chip was coming.
It was a magical night.
Lot of happy faces makes for a great rendezcvous
More happy (?) faces.
Food, of course.
Will this year's 'Vous get snow?
Docks full of 'Vouers.
Chip awards Dwight the Floater Award.
Party on.
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
Chip's Ranger Tug pretty at night.


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