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by Kate Calamusa

You can cross “finish the wash” off your laundry list of tasks this season thanks to the new Seattle-based mobile laundry service, Loopie. Created as a laundromat alternative for urban dwellers, the on-demand delivery service is also proving a boon for boaters, whether they lack washing units on board or seek to simplify the cleaning of cumbersome items like comforters, covers, and towels. It’s as easy as 1-2-3: Schedule a pick-up via the Loopie website or app, stash your dirties in the provided bag, and then Loopie washes, folds, and returns clean items within 24 hours. A standard-size load runs $29.99, while larger comforters, sleeping bags, and bedding sets are laundered for $44.99 (bulky items sometimes take longer than the standard 1-day turnaround). The cleaners also use environmentally friendly detergent pods as a standard, but customers can provide their own detergent or upgrade to scented or sensitive skin options, should they wish it. Best of all, there’s no schlepping stinky socks down the dock: As long as your address is in the service area—which currently includes waterside hoods like Ballard, the University District, and South Lake Union—Loopie will do your dirty work, retrieving and returning those textiles straight to your marina, berth, or slip. The service is also currently available in Portland, Oregon; for more details, visit: seattle.loopie.us.

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