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Lindell 38

by Norris Comer


Since 2016, Lindell Yachts has been a proud Pacific Northwest family of boats that melds commercial-grade toughness and fishing-machine oriented features with yacht-like accommodations. Joining the growing lineup is the new Lindell 38, now coupled with triple outboards as standard. What does this ready-for-anything daughter of Cascadia have to offer?

Right off the bat, the attack-angled wheelhouse and open, but safely contained, work deck hint at her Pacific Northwest salmon hunting roots. Lindell Yachts subscribes to the semi-custom philosophy, so while the bones of each 38 will be the same, a staggering array of custom features and options will probably ensure that no two are identical. When talking about fishing, standard features include an aft fish box with macerator pump; a fish-hold water management system; an infused lighted recirculating livewell with pump; and more.

Lindell38_SpecsOf course, you have to talk about those triple outboards. Yes, those are three four-stroke Yamahas. The company recently showcased one with two 300-horsepower outboards and a 400-horsepower outboard for a total of 1,000 horsepower. The triplets provide a reported cruising speed of 30 knots and a maximum speed of 45 knots. For making the most of those weather windows to chase quarry, that kind of pep is appreciated.

Inside, you’ve got a galley, family-style dining table, and three berths below with enclosed head. While not as sumptuous as some yachts of this size, it’s a palace compared to classic fishing boats of this class. The 38 treads the line very well.

You want to feel as comfortable in the yacht club as at the derby podium? The Lindell 38 is made to get you there. If interested in more information or pricing, you can contact the local dealer Inside Passage Yacht Sales.

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