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Northwest 62

by Norris Comer

Northwest 62

The April 2016 merger of yacht brokerage Seattle Yachts and Northwest Yachts (an Anacortes-based boat builder) has helped launch a flurry of new designs for 2018 that are awaiting buyers who want no-nonsense yachts that look like they can take just about anything. The Northwest Yachts line features designs ranging from 48’ to 75’, with the handsome Northwest 62 slotting right in the middle.

The general appearance looks like a yacht that could double up as an expedition charter, with a dramatic plunging bow and railed space on the foredeck. The walkway aft on the starboard side is deeply seated and partially protected by the yacht’s superstructure, almost to suggest that you’ll need the added shelter for the wild waters for which the 62 is built for. Although the 62 looks like she could be made of steel, she is a fiberglass boat, albeit one with a reinforced layer of Kevlar forward to handle almost any grounding scenario.

The Portuguese flybridge is a Northwest Yachts signature, for all their designs over 48’ have one. A covered helm station with guest seating and space for a dinghy with davit are some of the attractions.

Northwest 62 SpecsThe interior takes full advantage of the expansive structure with three enclosed berths and arrangements for up to nine crewmembers. There is also full standing headroom for most of the engine room, which will be appreciated by those who want comfortable access to the twin John Deere inboard diesels (1,000 horsepower total, 500 horsepower each).

There are a lot of intriguing design features at play with this local design, and we look forward to seeing the first ones ply our waterways and beyond. The Northwest 62 and her sister ships have “Alaska or Bust” written all over them. For more information, check out seattleyachts.com, the website of local dealer Seattle Yachts.

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