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by Kate Calamusa

The artful accommodations of the future? Anthénea’s fully equipped, eco-friendly floating condos allow you to lap in luxury on the high seas.

Is it an eco-savvy vessel that can efficiently glide over the seas with minimal impact? Or, maybe an uber luxurious hotel room with spa-like amenities? When it comes to the intriguing new Anthénea (anthenea.fr/en/anthenea/) floating condo concept from France, the answer is: both.

Available to both private buyers looking to purchase their own private oasis, or to hotels, restaurants, spas, and other businesses looking to add on-water space to their sites, Anthénea officially opened up for orders late this summer, with delivery to eager buyers expected in early 2022.

Billed as the world’s first seaworthy hotel suite, the fully autonomous pod offers modern accommodations suited for two adults or a family of four, with an elegantly appointed interior that includes an extra-large circular bed, lounge area, bar, and kitchenette. Up top, the spacious solarium offers 360-degree views of the water as well as plush seating for up to 12 people.

Then there’s the eco element: Anthénea is powered by the five solar panels on its dome roof that are designed to automatically rotate to capture the sunlight; the pod can also be outfitted with electric propulsion and a joystick, as requested. Sitting atop the water like a lotus flower for minimal impact on the underwater ecosystem, the strong, seafaring structure can withstand winds up to 27 knots and is crafted from 100 percent recyclable materials—all seemingly making it a natural fit for a Northwest region that has been long known for thinking green.

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