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Port-able of Call

by Andrew Hoge

1. Graypants Wick Brass Light

Seattle-based Graypants is known far and wide for creating beautiful lighting devices, and their Wick portable light is no exception. It’s part candle, part flashlight—and a single charge will get you somewhere between 12-15 hours of illumination, perfect for evening strolls on deck or docking late at night. ($149; graypants.com)

Chantal Oslo Ekettle Electric Tea Kettle

2. Chantal Oslo Ekettle Electric Tea Kettle

Like a hull and a sail, it is a universal truth that chilly winter weather and piping hot beverages go together. This minimalist electric water kettle is the perfect companion as you prepare your French press or breakfast tea, and its cordless carafe allows you to refill your cup anywhere on your boat. ($99.95; Available from Crate & Barrel, crateandbarrel.com)

3. Ember Travel Mug²

Pour your favorite hot beverage into this most recent version of the temperature-controlled mug from Ember, a NWY favorite. Whether you are planning to disembark for an all-day adventure or feeling too lazy to leave the deck, this elegant tumbler will keep your liquids perfectly held at your desired temperature between 120-145 degrees with your phone or the tumbler’s touch display controls. ($199.95; ember.com)

4. Sonos Roam Speaker

Finding a portable speaker that offers equal parts sound and style in a sea (pun intended) to choose from takes a lot of work. Luckily, Sonos has you covered. Their Roam portable speaker will play your favorite tunes for up to 10 hours while effortlessly pairing with your phone or other Sonos devices. ($179; sonos.com)

Solis Lite Hotspot & Power Bank

5. Solis Lite Hotspot & Power Bank

While a day at sea is a great way to escape landlocked life, there are times when you need to stay connected. So, don’t forget to pack a Solis internet hotspot before your shove off; it offers powerful 4G LTE wi-fi and can connect with up to five devices. ($99; soliswifi.co)

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