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by Andrew Hoge

Lap in luxury while at sea with these smart new gadget picks from ANDREW HOGE.

If there is something the nautically inclined know for sure, it’s that life at sea is filled with adventure. The second truth is that every year there are new high-tech gadgets that make that adventure a little more luxurious. Check out our picks below that will make your sloop the place to be this spring.  

1. Clarion CMSP-651-SWG Premium Marine Speakers

With spring weather just around the corner, and with masks looking to be a thing of the past (fingers crossed!), there are plenty of reasons to bring the party on board. Consider installing these premium marine speakers that feature a super sleek design and are powerful enough to be heard over engine and wind noise. Plus, they are designed to withstand UV rays, water, and salt damage so you can be entertainment central all year round. ($169.99 per pair; crutchfield.com)

2. Optoma Cinema P2 At-Home Projector

There is nothing that brings a group together like the joy of cinema but let’s face it; your small built-in TV doesn’t offer an ideal viewing experience. Instead opt for a next generation projector, especially one with a short throw like the Cinema P2, that allows you to cast your favorite movies, home videos, or slideshows in high resolution on a large wall or even the hull of your yacht. (Pricing on request; optoma.com)

3. Ember Mug 2

A cup of joe is a must-have for idyllic mornings at sea, but faced with wind and chilly air, you will need a vessel that can retain the heat. Keep this 10-ounce Ember Mug 2 on-hand to maintain your hot beverages at your specified temperature for up to 1.5 hours, and it will look good while doing it. ($129.95; ember.com)

4. Terra Kaffe TK-01

If you have limited counter space, then you will want a kick-ass coffee maker that can handle any drink order your crew requests. Grab this posh machine that gives your full control over your beverage, from the brewing temperature to foaming milk, all with just one push of a button. ($825; terrakaffe.com)

5. Big Blue 3 Solar Charger

With over 3,500 reviews on Amazon, it’s easy to see why this portable and sun-powered charger is so popular. With three USB-A ports, powerful energy conversion technology, and maximum portability, it will no doubt become a must-pack accessory for your adventures. ($69.99; available on Amazon)

6. Geneinno S1 Portable Sea Scooter

Embrace your inner superhero and explore the deep blue sea, the Sound, or a lake with this easy-to-pack water scooter. The minimalist design looks ultra-modern while delivering 45 minutes of high powered guidance at four miles per hour. ($689; geneinno.us)

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