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Rozema 37-LC

by Norris Comer

Rozema 37-LC

As a recreational boater, you would be forgiven for not being intimately acquainted with Bayview, Washington-based Rozema Boat Works. Primarily an aluminum and commercial builder, Rozema’s portfolio includes commercial fishing boats, oil spill response boats, pilot boats, tugs, research vessels, and more. However, this over 60-year-old Pacific Northwest company offers a rugged, ready-for-Cascadia line of recreational boats as well. Enter the Rozema 37-LC, touted as the ultimate Northwest sport boat.

The LC in the name stands for landing craft, a major design focus of the build. Part spot cruiser and part coastal invader, the 37 has a deployable bow platform. This platform opens to create a giant ramp, 72” wide, to unleash your passengers, bikes, ATVs, the dogs, and more upon new lands.

Built out of commercial grade aluminum, this rugged craft also packs an enclosed head with shower, full galley, dining area, and sleeping accommodations for five. The semi-covered cockpit also features integrated seating for hanging out on nice days. Aesthetically, the cabin has that classic Pacific Northwest forward-attack angle. The 37 is meant to deliver your payload of fun to shore, rain or shine.

Rozema 37-LC SpecsThe 37 is also a speedster with triple 300-horsepower Suzuki outboard engines mounted to the transom. According to the manufacturer, the 900 horses push the 37 at a nippy 32 knots of cruising speed and a maximum speed of 42 knots. Also included is a Wesmar 8” bow thruster, Kohler 5kW-generator, and SeaKeep Gyro Stabilizer.

It’s hard to imagine a boat that screams Pacific Northwest adventure harder than the Washington-built Rozema 37-LC. If interested, contact Rozema Boat Works. Base price listed as $750,000.

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